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Termination Dust, Oregon Style — Winter Playtime Arrives!

by Liz

Southern Oregon too has our own version of “termination dust”. What’s that you say? S-N-O-W…

Southern Oregon Cascades Termination Dust

Southern Oregon Cascades Termination Dust

In Alaska, residents of Anchorage watch the snow level march down the surrounding mountains and it’s called “termination dust” — the end of summer. And yet while some may think of it as something good coming to an end, those of us who live in the mountains — whether the Chugach in Alaska or the Cascades in Oregon — we know better. Termination dust is the end of heat, dusty roads and bugs…and the start of a most magical season for those of us lucky enough to live or vacation near Crater Lake.

There’s still plenty of birds — several hundred species call the Klamath Basin home year-round, and winter is an especially good time to view eagles and other raptors. Plenty of wildlife out and about as well, and the snow makes it far easier to see their activity by spotting and following their tracks.

This season is starting out with a bit of a bang — an early opening to the “storm door” and several inches of fresh powder on the ground BEFORE Thanksgiving — Wahoo! If you’re interested in snowmobiling on some of the best trails and powder anywhere in the West (anywhere! West Yellowstone and Park City, eat your hearts out), or finding all the solitude you could possibly hope for, the area around the south-east side of Crater Lake is just made for you. We’ve got several hundred miles of groomed multi-use trails, nordic only trails, wide open spaces to snowshoe, and more stars on a clear crisp night than you’ve ever seen. Our area is home to avid cross country skiers, dog sledders, snowshoers, snowmobilers, and lots of folks who just know how to have a good time outdoors this time of year. The other option is always to curl up in front of the fire with a good book and some yummy hot cocoa…

The Snow Finally Made it All the Way Down the Mountain!

The Snow Finally Made it All the Way Down the Mountain!

Avoid the crowds, avoid the conga lines of cars, avoid parking hassles, avoid the high resort prices and come share our winter wonderland. Of course, Crater Lake in the winter is unparalleled beauty…our winter wonderland adjoins the South Entrance to Crater Lake National Park, which is the entrance that is open year-round.  We’ve got lodging and dining options awaiting you…hope to see you out on the trail soon!

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