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Come “Meet the Artists” at Two Rivers Gallery

by Joan Rowe

Did you ever visit a gallery and wonder how an artist creates his work or have questions you’d love to ask if only you could talk to the creator of that wonderful piece of art? You will have your chance when Two Rivers Gallery presents artists and their artwork at our Second Annual ‘Meet the Artists’ fundraiser.

Wetland Watch by Joanne Baeth

Wetland Watch by Joanne Baeth

Featured this year are:

Quilt Artist Joanne Baeth

Bead Artist Diane Eldridge

Watercolor artist Janet Tarjan Erl

Woodworker Wolf Hodgkinson

Origami Expert Barbara Turner

Once again there will be foot-tapping live music and a tasty variety of refreshments will be served.

You won’t want to miss this fun and informative afternoon. And, your attendance also supports our gallery and many local artists. Two Rivers Gallery is a non-profit gallery established to give local artists a venue for their art, and is run entirely by volunteers.

The event will be held in the Chiloquin Community Center, 140 So. 1st St., from 1 pm ‘til 4 pm. on Saturday August 28th, 2010

Tickets are $5 per person.

Contact Two Rivers Gallery at 541-783-3326 or info for more information

Silently Waiting, by Janet Tarjan Erl

Silently Waiting, by Janet Tarjan Erl

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