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Civil War Weekend at Ft. Klamath…The Blue and Grey Square Off Again

by 30 Mile Admin

Ft. Klamath Civil War Weekend

On August 14th and 15th, if you here  the whistle of a fife, the ratta-tat-tat of drums, or the humming of Dixie…no, you’re not in a time warp, you’re at the Civil War Weekend, at the Ft. Klamath Museum grounds near Ft. Klamath, Oregon.

Just outside Crater Lake National Park, Ft. Klamath is the first small town you encounter on Hwy 62 as you head out the south Park entrance. One of the many historic features of this tiny berg is the old Ft. Klamath Museum, a small remnant of the sprawling US Army Post which was here for several years in the late 1800’s. The only remaining building today is a replica of the guardhouse, which is filled with fascinating info and memorablia related to Army post life in a remote frontier fort in the 1870s and during the last Indian war in the area with the Modoc tribes.

This weekend, however, the Fort grounds host the Cascade Civil War Society’s Civil War Weekend festivities. Actual encampments are set up, everyone hops in the time capsule and goes back 150 years to another era. Guests are most welcome — bring your camera, ask lots of questions, and learn about this important part of our heritage!

Inspection of the "non-regular" troops at Ft. Klamath's Civil War Weekend

The Cascade Civil War Society is quite active with re-enactments throughout the area and year…so if you miss this one, make plans now to come next year!

Several local lodging properties have availability for the weekend, and with Crater Lake, Collier State Park and Logging Museum, the Sky Lakes Wilderness and Wood River Wetlands for hiking or horseback trail riding, the Wood River  and Crystal and Recreation Creeks for fishing and canoeing…after the Civil War Weekend, better plan on staying a few extra days to enjoy this patch of paradise!

Blue or Grey -- Who Will Carry the Day?

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SALLIE ELDER April 19, 2011 at 2:11 pm

When is the Civil War Enactment happening in 2011


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