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Boyscouts Raft Canoe & Fish Klamath Basin

by roeoutfitters

Recently ROE Outfitters had 22 Boy Scouts visit the Klamath Basin from Houston Texas.  The kids, their parents and troop leaders were  no slackers!  They explored hard.

Mountain biking near Lake of the Woods and Fish Lake wowed them.

Fishing at Four Mile Lake was productive and earned them some badges. 

Moonlight canoeing was a serene and awesome experience for them too.

Paddling down the Wood River in canoes and kayaks made for a fantastic afternoon float trip.

On their last day the group paddled whitewater on the Rogue River and then hit their pillows gratefully after four days of hardcore adventure.

Does that amaze you that they could pack all of those fun adventures into four days.

If there is one thing I’ve learned its that given the chance, people that visit the Klamath Basin want to explore hard and they are rarely disappointed with the possibilities and choices the Basin has to offer.  Given some direction, some gear and a guide folks can usually keep themselves so busy that they are already planning their next trip before they ever leave.  Its hard to fit it all in unless you are lucky enough to call the Klamath Basin Home.

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