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Amazing Birding Now Near Crater Lake!

by Liz

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to meet some drop-in birders who stopped by Crystalwood Lodge (which is a birding portal site on both the Klamath Basin Birding Trail and the Oregon Cascades Birding Trail). They birded on the property that afternoon, and came back the next morning to bird our marvelous mature aspen grove just north of the Lodge, specifically looking for woodpeckers.

Tara and Jim are good birders, and excellent photographers. They sent some photos from their Flickr stream which were stunning…no, not commercially available, just for fun. But they graciously agreed to let me share them with you, and even made a specific Flickr set for our area entitled “Klamath Basin, OR”. So you can enjoy the photos and do some “virtual birding” here.

As Tara mentioned in her email: “…Who knew I’d get another White-headed today and some very entertaining Ruddy ducks.  Just finished editing and posting them, and I’ve created a set called “Klamath Basin, OR.”  I’ve only included the photos from the Klamath basin in that group, so as I add new photos to Flickr your website users will be linked directly to Klamath photos.

We wanted to thank you for letting us park and bird on your beautiful property.  I got a nice shot of a Downy doing some excavation work that I’ll post tonight on Flickr.  The sapsuckers were at Malone and the White-headed at Rocky Point.  It was a very good birding day!”

I hope you enjoy the birds as much as Tara and Jim did! What birds are you looking for? Betcha find them in our area, with the diverse habits that all converge here.  Please let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll see if anyone responds with sightings.

To the Birds! — Liz

Liz Parrish, Proprietor

Crystalwood Lodge LLC

The top pet-welcoming destination in the Southern Oregon Cascades, just outside Crater Lake National Park. Relax with the perfect getaway at the edge of the Klamath Basin, in the heart of a recreation wonderland and a world apart from your daily stress!

Why is this called “the Best 30 Miles in Oregon?” Find out here!

Crystalwood Lodge

38625 Westside Road

Fort Klamath, OR 97626

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1117

Klamath Falls, OR 97601

PH: 541/866-381-2322

FAX: 866-294-4213

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